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Coordinator Notes

April 16, 2018

Pine Tree Hospice Volunteers,

For National Volunteer Appreciation Week, I’d like to take a moment to say an extra THANK YOU for your dedicated service to the members of our communities. Personally, I believe every day should be volunteer appreciation day – after all, it is just about every day of every year that the awesome volunteers of Pine Tree Hospice are doing something on behalf of our organization and the folks that we serve.

As a volunteer hospice, we truly could not accomplish all that we do without YOU! All you do—whether it’s data entry or web design; planning events or cooking and cleaning; running errands or sitting quietly with a hospice client; setting up for a fundraiser or selling tickets; writing thank you notes or typing up committee minutes; providing guidance and oversight through the Board of Directors or providing support for the bereaved; being an ambassador for PTH within your own community or posting flyers; taking pictures or writing stories; supporting caregivers or providing gifts; and so much more—is so greatly appreciated! Each of you bring your own set of unique skills and talents that allows Pine Tree Hospice to provide the high quality services we offer.
With much respect and gratitude,