Education Overview

Pine Tree Hospice is an organization with volunteers whose purpose is to care for families in our community during and after a progressive life-limiting illness

Our educational programs are designed to prepare volunteers for the roles of
"Direct Care Hospice", "Indirect Care", or "Bereavement Facilitator"

Direct Care Hospice volunteers
interact with clients and families; they do not provide physical care to clients
Indirect Care Volunteers serve clients and families, but do not interact directly with clients who have life-limiting illness

Bereavement Facilitators support bereaved adult, family, and children groups
Hospice 101
Hospice 101 is a 4-hour orientation program

A 4-hour orientation program is a state-mandated requirement for anyone serving up to 20 hours as a direct care hospice volunteer; and is a Pine Tree Hospice requirement for anyone serving as an indirect care volunteer

Hospice 101 is also offered as independent study with 3 hours of independent study and a one-hour meeting with a Pine Tree Hospice Education Committee member

Hospice 101 includes an optional opportunity for participants interested  in learning more about direct care by being mentored by an experienced Pine Tree Hospice direct care volunteer during visits with hospice clients and families, (with client permission), for a maximum of 20 hours

Hospice 101 is introductory in content and is not a prerequisite for any other education module

Hospice 101 is for you if you plan to become:

    ~ Indirect care hospice volunteer without client contact
    ~ Board member or committee member
    ~ Complementary Care Team member
    ~ Crisis Response Team member

Visit the Hospice 101 page for more information

The Core Curriculum, an 11-hour program, is the first part of the educational program for Direct Care Hospice Volunteer and for Evergreen Bereavement Facilitator for Adults, Families, and Children
Direct Care
Hospice Education
Direct Care Hospice Education is a 20-hour program preparing volunteers to interact directly with hospice clients and their families

Participants complete the Core Curriculum [11 hours] and the Direct Care Hospice Education module [9 hours] to meet the state mandate for direct care hospice volunteer

Hospice 101 is not required

Visit the Hospice Education page for more information

Evergreen Bereavement Facilitator Education is a 25-hour program preparing volunteers to work with bereaved adult, family, and children groups

Participants complete the Core Curriculum [11hours] and the Evergreen Bereavement Facilitator module [13-14 hours]

Hospice 101 is not required

Visit the Bereavement Education page for more information

with PVAEC
Pine Tree Hospice partners with the Penquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative to periodically bring relevant educational opportunities to members of the community

These course offerings are published in the PVAEC catalogue, on the PVAEC website (, and, when offered, on the Pine Tree Hospice home page and "Current Happenings" section
Continuing Education
All volunteers are required to complete continuing education hours annually

Direct care hospice volunteers and bereavement facilitators complete 8 hours of continuing education annually

Indirect care hospice volunteers  complete 4 hours of continuing education annually

The Pine Tree Hospice Education Committee offers a variety of programs throughout the year for volunteers and community members

Visit the Continuing Education page in the "For Volunteers" section for more information

Call for Presenters ...

Greetings to you who have offered presentations for us in the past, and to those of you who may be interested in sharing your experience and expertise

The Pine Tree Hospice Education Committee maintains a database of presenters and their areas of expertise for planning and publicizing upcoming events

Are you interested in joining our Presenter Pool?

Please tell us who you are and what topics you would like
to share with others during one of our educational events