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Core Curriculum
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Trivia Night
Growing Through Grief: Artful Grief
Team Meeting
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Caregiver and Bereavement Book Club
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Yoga Nidra  
Growing Through Grief: Disenfranchised Grief
Growing Through Grief: Ebb and Flow of Grief  
Advance Care Planning Seminars links to poster To be scheduled
Senior Support and Education for Seniors Experiencing Anxiety and Depression  links below 1st Wednesday monthly
Dementia Support Group links below 1st Tuesday monthly
Open Caregiver Support Group links below 2nd Monday monthly
Moosehead Lake Region Cancer Prayer Support
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3rd Wednesday monthly
Need more information ?  Please call the PTH Office  (207) 564-4346
or send an e-mail to: wecare at

           This group is independent of Pine Tree Hospice
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Dementia Support Group
Hibbards Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center

1st Tuesday of the month
led by Kristen Sutherland
call 564-8129 for more information
This group is independent of Pine Tree Hospice
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Moosehead Lake Region Cancer Prayer and Support Group
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