New Section for you:  Suggested Reading from Pine Tree Hospice
We recommend  "The Lavender Hour"  by Anne LeClaire
The Lavender Hour by Anne LeClaire is a thought-provoking fictional account of a woman named Jessie, who has been downsized from her teaching job. She decides to spend a year on Cape Cod, where she hopes to be renewed and comforted by the ocean and the lavender hues of the setting sun. While there she volunteers with a local hospice program, where she meets Luke, a once proud fisherman whose life and body have been ravaged by cancer. Jessie’s presence is a great help to Luke’s mother, who has moved in to take care of her son. After initial misgivings Jessie and Luke forge a deep friendship. When Luke makes a critical request of his new friend, Jessie must look deep within herself for an answer, knowing that her actions will have far-reaching effects on Luke’s family and forever change her life.
This book is available at the PTH lending library.
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