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Nights of Service

Evergreen Bereavement Program for children, teens, and their families
~ meets periodically throughout the year
~ each session has a different focus, such as memories, feelings, or coping
~ an adult/parents group is available while the children meet

Six-week program begins September 28, 2017
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Evergreen, The Pine Tree Hospice Center for Grieving Children and Adults

If you would like to be a part of our "Nights of Service",
please call Pine Tree Hospice to pre-register(564-4346)
A death in the family affects every member from the oldest to the youngest. A child’s grief may be expressed in ways that are different from an adult’s. Evergreen is Pine Tree Hospice’s program for children, teens, and their families who are experiencing grief. It provides a safe place for kids to share their experience of grief with others who are also in the process of working through their grief and loss. Trained bereavement facilitators use a variety of activities to encourage expression. Participants may talk about their experience or choose not to talk. Please contact Pine Tree Hospice by calling 564-4346 or e-mailing wecare at pinetreehospice.org to pre-register for the next session.